Town-Wide Cleanup Schedule Set

October 18 – 25

the christmas lights and toaster oven!

Mark your calendar and organize your group to participate in Derry’s fall roadside cleanup. A group can consist of an organization that you belong to, your neighborhood or your family. If everyone gets out to do a little bit our town will sparkle, making the fall season just a little brighter and Derry a town that we can all be proud of.

What you need to do for your cleanup event:

  1. Organize your group and pick a day. Share your plans for the day and the location with Go Green Derry

  2. Visit the Derry Transfer Station office to pick-up some blue trash bags. Public Works will only collect the Blue Bags.
  3. When you are done, call Public Works at 603-432-6144 and let them know the location of the full blue trash bags – there is no need to bring them to the transfer station!

  4. Let us know how many bags of trash you collected and we will post the results on our website!

I personally thank you for helping keep Derry look its best!  If you can’t find the time or group to help pick up the roadsides, please wave and thank those that you see – let’s show our appreciation no matter how we can pitch in!

Of course, remember to wear gloves and bright colored clothing if you are able to clean up a roadside.  Safety first!

Trail Revitalization at East Derry Elementary School

Making Way for Outdoor Learning

mr1300_1Go Green Derry members and friends will be dawning work gloves this Saturday (August 9) to cleanup and revitalize a trail system on East Derry memorial School property.  The trails were originally created by a Boy Scout from Troop 405  for his Eagle project, but many years have passed since then.

This revitalization is a perfect project for Go Green Derry as getting folks outdoors enjoying and appreciating nature is a central theme for this sub-committee of the Derry Conservation Commission.  A number of teachers and parents from EDMS are also involved the project with a goal to create space for outdoor classroom activities as well as nature walks.

 Looking for Volunteers

If you are interested in this project and would like to lend a hand; please join us at EDMS this Saturday at 9:00 AM. Bring work gloves and bug spray… see you there!

NH Mom Goes to Washington


Maureen Reno and daughter, Satori at Play-In for Climate Action.
Written by Maureen Reno:

When MCAF invited my daughter, Satori, and I to represent New Hampshire at its first PLAY-IN for Climate Action in Washington D.C., I was excited by the opportunity to teach my six year old a very important civics lesson. Like most lessons, Satori learns by asking a barrage of questions. During this event, however, she asked a couple pertinent questions that made this mamma proud.

Mommy, what is carbon?

Shortly after the PLAY-IN children’s events of yoga and parachute games, Satori was sitting on the Upper Senate Park lawn hiding between me and our New Hampshire poster – hiding from the crowds around us, from the noise of the press conference. In her silence, I should have realized that her mind was racing, but instead I took this as one of her moods. While we were listening to Senator Whitehouse’s speech, she looked up at me and asked, “Mommy, what is carbon?”

My heart soared in that moment because I realized that she was listening and understood enough to ask such a specific question. I explained that carbon is a building block of life on Earth, and one of the most important elements on our planet. We breathe it out, and plants breathe it in. But right now there is too much of it going into our atmosphere, and that is changing the atmosphere and the weather. Carbon is on of the many elements that are released into our air from power plants to produce electricity, run our cars and make lots of the stuff we buy. I also explained that we were about to march to visit our Senators and tell them how worried we are about the air we breathe. I also told her carbon released by polluters is causing climate change, and that is making children sick. For the first time I didn’t dumb things down. Again, she fell silent and looked at the ground for what seemed to be an eternity.

Read More… visit Moms for Clean Air Force